The experience of a lifetime awaits you in The Florida Keys. Come chart your course of action.



16' Dolphin Super Skiff

The 1984 custom built  16' Dolphin Super Skiff has been completely updated to meet todays standards all while keeping its original design integrity. Powered by a Yamaha 90hp engine and able to glide over skinny waters makes this boat a dream to catch your favorite day of fishing on.


24'Renaissance Prowler

The 2000 smooth riding 24' Renaissance Prowler Catamaran is perfect for family fun in the shallow waters of the bay or sport fishing in the deep dark waters of the open ocean. Powered by twin 175hp Suzuki engines and rigged with top of the line marine electronics makes for a wonderful day snorkeling the Florida Keys Reefs or fighting the big fish offshore in the sport fishing capital of the world.


   A Beautiful Setting

 Surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of The Florida keys and neighbors with a World Heritage Site, Everglades National Park, makes the choices of where to go fish first disputable.  Wether your game for the open ocean or are nostalgic for the sites of the back country, there is always a treasure to be found. Fish Tales Abound.