"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

Henry  David  Thoreau


Thanks for the great day and the life long memories.
All the best
— Glenn and Gail Ryan
Why shoot yeah!

”On April 26th, 2017, we chartered with Captain Carlos Ruiz for a half day of fishing. We’ve done several fishing trips in the Keys but we all agreed this one was the best yet. Carlos had everything ready to go and we spent no time checking bait pens.(have burnt time with other captains doing that). We arrived at the spot quickly and Carlos had us hooked up quick! We caught the most variety ever from yellowtail, grouper, bonita, and triggerfish! We hooked a ton of big fish and fought them hard. It was a blast from start to finish! We highly recommend that any one seeking fishing success with a captain that ensures you catch fish and have fun doing it, book with Carlos Ruiz. We know we will the next time we are back in Paradise!
— Jon Robertson Financial Advisor RAI Advisors
Full day of fly casting”

With the weather on the brinks and windy conditions that a weathered fly-caster frowns at, I couldn’t help that morning after a year of waiting to get a vacation to the Florida keys, I find myself as many do coming here to fly fish with a guide, you need to take your chances. Weather, a guide who doesn’t care, and poor equipment makes for a miserable day for anyone. I love to fly fish and not knowing my guide Carlos and the weather seems to be giving me doubts of the day ahead. My wife Ginette and I met Carlos in the morning and proceeded to make the best of the day that we had in front of us. I need to say Carlos was not only patient but covered water in very difficult conditions to give me the very best chances of hooking up on fish. It was obvious that the conditions were against all of us this day, but hey...that’s fishing. Carlos, a now new friend, was gracious enough to pole us behind a few islands to escape the wind and hooked up on a few mangrove snappers etc We all new the day was running short, funny thing was we all grew closer together and he made it a great day for what was given to us. What Carlos did next was over the top, he realized my passion and decided on his own time to make the best of the situation and took us into the back country which was a ways away and got us out of the wind and proceeded to make this the best day possible. What a treat, no wind and hooked Jack Travelle and a Black tip shark, No we didn’t hook a tarpon but what he did for me that nasty day was spend a great deal of his own time to make the best out of terrible day which made our friendship and respect for this individual a lifetime guide and friendship. Ill be honored to stand on this mans bow and throw flies all day long even if its into a 20 knot day. Thanks again Carlos, not only for your friendship but your dedication to a long distant client.!
— Sincerely, Wm. Mark Dalton daltonartstudios.com
I have had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Carlos Ruiz for about 12 years. You will not find a guy any fishier than Carlos! If you really look hard, you might find gills! Carlos has even taken me sight fishing for tailing bones at night… and I caught one!! Whether fly fishing, sight fishing or meat fishing, Captain Carlos is the man to go to. I have fished all of the said categories many times with Carlos and it’s always productive and a great time! He’s also a wonderful teacher with lots of patience! In my business, I have referred many happy clients to Carlos and am always confident the anglers will be happy.
— Betsy Bullard, Islamorada, Florida Saltwater Fishing Connection Tournament Director Fishing Destinations Charters